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17 Apr 2024

Nanmar x Zurich 042024

Nanmar Windscreen Specialists, honored to be one of the 4 preferred windscreen specialists chosen by Zurich Insurance! 🚗✨ Launched on April 8, 2024, we provide the following professional services: ✅ Seamless door-to-door service: Conveniently repair or replace your car mirror right at your doorstep. ✅ Extended warranty: Enjoy an extended warranty to fully meet your needs. This initiative reflects our commitment to exceptional customer care, ensuring your safety on the road. 🛡🛠

南马车镜,荣幸成为Zurich保险公司挑选的4家优选车镜专家之一!🚗✨ 2024年4月8日,我们携手启动, 为您提供以下专业服务🛡🛠: ✅ 免费上门服务:在您家门口便捷修复或更换车镜。 ✅ 延长保修期:享受延长保修,完全满足您的需求。 这一举措彰显了我们对卓越客户关怀的承诺,让您在路上更加安心。

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